Kofax Technical Support News

Some of you might be aware of the Kofax Technical Support News: whenever they release a service or fix pack, they post about it. Unfortunately, it’s ugly and quite useless without an RSS reader, so I decided to create my own view of Kofax’ Support news:


The page is always up-to-date as it uses Kofax’ official page as source. And no, I did not use Kapow for web scraping, but rather curl. In addition to filtering, the page shows you version, release date and both product name and category, and clicking on the item takes you directly to the download page.  You can visit my page by clicking on the image above or by using this link:


Note that you can fetch the news for one specific category alone, for example “Capture” by changing the query string like this:


Should you be interested in the source, just drop me an email or contact me via LinkedIn.