Kofax Technical Support News

Did you know that Kofax publishes technical updates about their products on a regular basis via RSS? So, if you want to stay up to date about new product releases, service and fix packs, you can subscribe to the feed. While RSS is a quite common format, I’m not particularly fond of it. So I decided to create my own view of their news updates some time ago that you can find here:


Just recently I overhauled the general design of that page, with the following changes:

  • Full History (starting with May 2016),
  • Improved support for mobile devices,
  • Colour-Coding of similar entries,
  • Faster load times (no more div hell),
  • Filter via a drop-down menu,
  • Article’s age in days is now displayed,
  • New articles are marked as such.

I plan on improving the page even further in the near future, here’s what’s on the road map (i.e. not available right now):

  • JSON format: in addition to the HTML page, I want to provide the articles in a generic JSON format at your convenience;
  • Latest Versions Overview: with the data at my fingertips, the next step is to provide you with an overview page that displays the most recent versions for the more common products (such as KC, KTM and KTA);
  • Some minor performance tweaks and JavaScript: just to help me stay in shape with JQuery;
  • Just maybe an email subscription service that sends out an update once every week (we’ll see about that).

I’m particularly looking forward to the Latest Versions Overview, as this is one of the common questions where I’m constantly forced to revisit Kofax’ support pages: what exactly is the latest major release of KTA, which are the latest service and fix packs?

Let me know what you think.